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Product name : Manual Perfect Binding Machine Advanced Model
Item : SP-RD-5
Price : USD649
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Manual Perfect Binding Machine Advanced Model A3 size

Feature: 5 functions in 1 , Advanced model

1. Hard cover Groove Pressing


3.Cover cutting


5.Cutting decorative edge with pattern

(You can realize the 5 functions by one machine . )


Machine specs:

Max book size: A3 size

Book thickness: 2 sheets to 40mm thick

Power: 220V/ 50Hz , Or 110V/ 60Hz 

Packing size: 70x36x50cm

Weight: 35kg.

Binding speed: 80books/ hour according to operator

Creasing width: 305mm

Pre-heating time: 10mins


This Perfect binding machine can make soft cover and hard cover binding. It can bind max book size A size with a max thickness 40mm. It includes the roughener unit which can make the glue more even and reach a strong and robust binding result. The temperature control device can realize a consistant binding temperature. The pressure is adjustable according to different book cover thickness. It is widely used in small print and copy store, administrative department, small company and printing business factory. It is easy and convenient to use. You can bind a book in 20 seconds. It can bind books with paper under 400g easily. Glue pre-heating time only needs 10 seconds.


Why use perfect binding machine ?

Perfect binding is a method of bookbinding that is utilized for many types of less expensive books, manuals, and other simple collections of documents. Unlike some binding processes that require sewing the pages into the spine of the book, perfect binding requires no sewing at all. Instead, a water-resistant adhesive is used to hold the pages in place by attaching them to the cover of the document. The perfect binding book thickness can reach 4cm/ 1.57'', the thickness of dictionary and bibles.

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