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Product name : Manual Paper Perforating Machine 360mm
Item : SP-12C
Price : USD180
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Manual Paper Perforator 360mm

This manual paper perforator perforating machine can crease dotting lines. It can be used to crease tickets, invitations, scratching cards, self-adhesive stickers,etc, for it makes the paper easy to tear apart. The machine is easy to operate and convenient to maintain.

Machine Spec:

Creasing width: 360mm/ 14inch
The length of orientation: 320mm
Max orientation lines: 1 lines
Creasing mode: manual
Weight: 12kg
Dimensions :WxDxH : 600x380x170mm



1. The upper and lower creasing moulds are steel, which is very durable
2. Magnet positioning block included
3. The metal moulds don't need to be changed as often as rubber moulds which don't crease well on thick paper and hard paper, it can creasing more than 10 million times.
4.You can adjust the depth of creasing , can crease clear lines on not only coated art paper, tough paper but also photocopy paper.


Manual Perforators take paper and cut tiny holes in a straight line, making the paper easy to tear. Today you have more than likely dealt with a perforated piece of paper. Common pieces of perforated paper include checkbooks, tickets, coupons, warranty documents, forms and more. Even magazine inserts are perforated, making them easier to tear out.


If paper were not perforated, scissors would be required to perform the same function. More and more businesses are purchasing perorating machines to save money by doing their own perforating in-house. This is especially advantageous for mailers and advertising, where a return card needs to be mailed back.

With this manual paper perforator, Copy and print shops also enjoy using perforators, allowing them to facilitate the daily needs of individuals. 

Ideal for: checkbooks, tickets, coupons, warranty documents, forms and more. The machine is solidly constructed to give years of trouble free use. This machine is ideally suited for short to medium scoring volumes.


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