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Product name : Eelctric Multi-functional Creasing Machine 480mm with Auto Feeder
Item : SP480a
Price : USD2999
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 Automatic multi-function creasing machine with paper feeder

Creasing、Creasing the spine and hinge、Perforating、Trimming Multi-Purpose Combined-free. 4 in 1 machine.



※Table Top Electric Creasing Machine,LCD for machine operating speed, stepless regulation of speed;

※Equipped with individual modules, it is convenient and fast to assemble, disassemble or locate them;

※Clear safety cover to see the creasing state or open it to stop operation promptly. With an individual rush stop switch, it is more safe and reliable;

※The hanging type of delivery section is designed for magnetism sucking positioning by the sides and knob fastening by the back end;

※Designed for adjusting pressure outside, convenient to adjust the pressure of two ends;

※Adopts the stainless steel material, it is perfect, wear-resisting and beautiful.

Fast to assemble or disassemble
LCD for speed regulation
Many ways of combination
Two-way adjustable feeder
Stepless pressure adjustment
Paper downholders and safety cover

Max. width of the sheet


Rotational speed


Shaft Diameter


Machine Weight


Power supply


Dimensions WxDxH


Inserting type of Delivery section
Three adjustable sides of delivery
※ Normal equipped with: 2 modules of paper guide wheel.
※ Choose the different individual module to use according to the demand : module of creasing, module of creasing the spine and hinge, blade of trimming, blade of perforating, paper guide wheel and also can combine them freely.
Module of creasing Module of creasing four lines creasing mold
Module of trimming Blade of trimming Protective washer
Module of perforating Blade of perforating Paper guide washer

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