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Product name : Electric Cold Roll Laminating Machine 63inch
Item : SP-1600E
Price : USD899
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Electric Cold Roll Laminating Machine 63inch

Machine Spec:

Max laminating width: 1600mm/ 63inch
Max laminating thickness: 20mm
Max laminating speed: adjustable 0-1M/ min

Roller diamater: 130mm
Power: 220V / 110V
Operating : Manual or electric
Packing size: 190x48x42cm
Weight: 100kg
Package: wood case




1: Rollers are made of high quality silicones, long lasting and wearable.
2: Metal platform and shelf painted wirth metal paint. Smart outlook.
3: Pressure can be adjusted from both sides, laminaing quality is good and no bubbles. Laminating speed is adjustable.
4: This machine can be operated by manual and electric. It includes a foot pedal, Easy to operate.
5: Safety emergency switch incuded. You can stop the machine by press one button if any case happens.


1.Please put the machine in the dry and clean place, away from fire.
2.The rollers can be cleaed by soft cloth with alcohol. Do not use gas or other cleaning checmicals. Away from any hard objests.
3.After use, please make the upper roller and lower roller away from each other to avoid disforming of the rollers.


Cold laminating machine is applied to various materials lamination without heating them but with high pressure. Cold roll laminator is widely used in schools, offices, print shops, photograph shop. It is applied on posters , banners , signs , photographs and many more. Cold lamination can protect all your post-print materials against ultraviolet radiation, water, oil, wrinkling and tearing . Besides, it can make your pictures and images vivid, bright, and smooth. Your artwork will last many more years after laminating.

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